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Marlies Van Der Wel


Datos importantes

País: Paises bajos

Duración: 8 min

Directora: Marlies Van Der Wel


‘Emily’ is Marlies’ fourth animated short, in which she wanted to challenge the notion of depending on other people for one’s own happiness – taking charge of your own destiny and finding fulfilment in the little things. The eight-minute film introduces you to an elderly florist, Emily (80). Looking back at her life and all the flowers she’s dealt, she reminisces about the people she’s met and the choices she’s made. Her garden has always been her refuge – her safe haven, hidden away from the world and out of sight for other people. After a lifetime devoted to botanical life, having kind- heartedly handed out flowers, when the favour is returned and it’s her time to receive a bouquet, she finds peace with her chosen path.

Marlies Van Der Wel


Marlies Van Der Wel

Marlies van der Wel (born 3-10-1984 in Soest, The Netherlands) is a Dutch animator and illustrator whose short films have been recognized internationally at prestigious festival such as Berlinale, Toronto Film Festival and Sundance, to mention some.

Her award-winning shorts Jonas and the Sea and Sabaku were both the result of a meticulous collage process in which she weaves drawings, textures and random objects together – brought to life through a technique that Marlies calls ‘digital cut-out animation’. For her latest film Emily, Marlies deployed a different technique, yet the visual language stays the same: beautiful, detailed images animated with minimal but natural movement.

Addressing big themes in small packages, Marlies is known for using simple images and words to tell stories that are emotional (but not tearjerkers), universal (yet still personal) and lighthearted (with a healthy dose of humour).

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