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Sad Beauty

Arjan Brentjes

Sad Beauty

Datos importantes

País: Netherlands

Duración: 9.50 min

Director: Arjan Brentjes


En un mundo fuertemente contaminado, una joven lamenta la desaparición de especies animales. Cuando cae enferma debido a una infección bacteriana, la naturaleza parece enviarle un mensaje en sus alucinaciones.

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Arjan Brentjes


Arjan Brentjes-Sad Beauty

Arjan Brentjes started his professional life as a painter, and in 2008 he switched to moving images. Since 2010 he is dedicated to making short film, the last years mostly animation. Arjan often takes the viewer back to a visual style from the past, to look at our present and our future from there. Thereby wittily commenting on the development of our technological society and the haughtiness of man.

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