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Heinz Kobernik


Datos importantes

País: United States y Costa Rica

Duración: 12 min

Director: Heinz Kobernik

Día: Domingo 21 de Octubre

Hora: 5:00 pm

Lugar: Cine Magaly

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After passionately delivering a TV commercial pitch for a local Indian supermarket, Agnes a filmmaker from Milwaukee, must find a way to fit into her proposal the colourful requests of the client.

Mr. Satyajit, the store owner shares with Agnes his version of the commercial by adding ideas of his own. The original idea changes before our eyes as the increasingly excited Mr. Satyajit keeps adding more and more.

By the end the commercial looks nothing like the original pitch and Agnes must decide whether to give in to Mr. Satyajit’s requests or risk loosing the commercial.

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Heinz Köbernik



Heinz is an eclectic hybrid. His films explore the convergence of cultures in modern day life.
Born in Berlin to a German father and Salvadoran mother his life has been split between Europe,
the US and Latin America.
Influenced by his multicultural upbringing, punk music, classic cinema and peculiar friends his work
captures diversity. Heinz tells stories of unique characters and of intersection.
His first devoted creative expression was playing in post-punk bands. With his video camera he
started documenting the subcultures of the Central American punk scene.
He transitioned into Graphic Design with a degree in Advertising, graduating with honors. His
obsession for film lead him to Spain where he studied Film Directing in Madrid.
Fascinated by the conversation between advertising and film he began directing commercials at a
young age. Once the youngest commercials director in El Salvador the scope of his work extends
to projects across Latin-American and Europe as well as the general and hispanic markets in the

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